junio 24, 2022

Order Of Precedence Master Agreement

To ensure the proper delivery and smooth running of a contract, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the order of priority of the various documents that include the contract itself. I have a topic that I would like to see. I borrowed from my company to pay for tuition. The contract I signed for the money has a definite action, which I will pay back if I leave before my time is owed. I am prepared to pay that amount without asking any questions. When they leave the company, they tell me that I owe another amount because they refer to a study contract that is in the staff manual that I signed for years before I thought about borrowing money. The words of the contract are usually the same wording, the difference lies in the actions that are taken when I leave the company. The manual contract, which would benefit the company more, is why it would like to use it. However, I signed an updated training form and signed up for the money under the terms of the contract. To what extent is this situation sticky with regard to priority, what contract will have weight if it goes to court? It is the one that has not been signed-Yushin invests in helping staff education, expecting that the investment will be made through improved work performance.

However, when a worker voluntarily separates from Yushin`s employment within three years of an education assistance allowance, the amount of the payment is considered only as a loan. As a result, staff are required to: repay up to 100% of the initial assistance on the basis of the following schedule: Repayment of the amount of separationIn the year following receipt of the aid, 100%1 year to 18 months after receiving the aid payment 80%18-24 months after receiving the aid 50%24-36 months after receiving the payment of the aid 25% that I signed «Every employee who resigns from the company or who is dismissed by the employer , excluding economic layoffs, the employer reimburses the study allowance by deduction of the employee`s last cheque according to the following schedule: the employee leaves the company 1 to 365 days after the closing of the price 100% within 2 years of the closing of the price 80% within 3 years of the closing of the price 60% within 4 years of the closing of the price 40% within 5 years of the closing of the 20%I price I agree with the condition of the directive. «As you can see, one draws an amount from my last paycheck based on a 5-year schedule (signed), while the other draws the entire amount with a 3-year (unsigned) schedule there is my problem, as far as priority. Hmm. I have a related problem with two «complete» contracts with a company. The first agreement states that «this agreement is the whole agreement between the parties with regard to the purpose… not changeable, except by written endorsement… Then, later, after the expiry of the first commitment, we signed a new agreement «This agreement puts all the exclusive understanding of the parties on the object…

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